The Latest Drug That Has Parents On High Alert


Dimethyltryptamine, or “DMT”: A psychedelic compound of the tryptamine family. It is a structural analog of seratonin and melatonin and a functional analog of other psychedelic tryptamines.

Historically, it has been consumed by indigenous Amazonian Indian cultures through the extraction of the root bark of Mimosa tenuiflora and its consumption of ayanuasca for divinatory and healing purposes.

“DMT” is a Schedule I Controlled Substance, and it is classified as this, because there is no proof of long term abuse when experimented with.

Recently, it was brought to my attention, by a relative in the family, that “DMT” has become relatively widespread in her high school. Upon asking her further questions, beings I have never heard of this said drug, she stated “It’s like a “trippy” drug; you start having hallucinations, but it puts you in a paralyzed state. A lot of teens were curious and each one that had tried it, so far, said they’d do it again if asked (maybe at a party or something.” Hearing all of this had me utterly appalled. With each in-depth answer to the questions I gave her, the more baffled I was becoming. A drug that you can’t easily get “hooked on”? Going around in local high schools, none the less? I asked a few parents of teenagers, locally in the Cape May County area, if they heard about this. All of the parents I asked, looked at me, as if I had 4 heads. Each parent had the same reaction: worried that their teenager would want to experiment more and more, and/or with different drugs- feeling invincible, as that particular drug they experiment with (DMT), has no long-term side affects.

In a study, one person cmaimed seeing “elves or little people” in the beginning of their trip.

Short-Term Effects:

High blood pressure

Pupils larger in diameter


Sweaty or “clammy” hands

Dry mouth


Not ALL of those who participated in the study experienced the same symptoms. Some, in fact, didn’t feel anything.

Always remember: conversation with your young adult, especially over dinner, has proven to be the most effective when expressing concerns & when trying to establish a more trusting relationship.


Stats Rising In Indiana


In a recent survey, teens who use drugs, went from 27% to 38%, in a matter of 12 short months. 13.8% of the students surveyed, admitted using drugs and alcohol, in order to relax, and/or to “fit in” with their peers. 17% willingly admitted to using drugs/alcohol DURING school.


Matt Hayes, with the Hamilton Center in Sullivan County says, “We have a lot of our youth that are having problems with drugs in general.” He also added, “teens are easily finding new ways and new drugs to abuse.”


An Indiana State Police Trooper stated, “While they’re in your house, while they’re your teenagers, while they’re driving your cars, while they’re participating in activities in your home, then you need to make sure you’re vigilant on knowing what they’re doing.”


Ever since expanding to Indiana, under the management of our Steered Straight Indiana director, Michelle Standeford, we have made an exceptional impact on the students we had the privilege to help. As blessed as we are, to be steadily on the move, encouraging today’s youth to, “Stay in your lane,” we want to get that message out to EVERYONE!


Reading these statistics, really makes us feel as if God brought us to the right state, at the right time. Not just Indiana’s youth, but youth ALL OVER THE WORLD, should hear Steered Straight’s message!

– Jessica Osborn


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Medical Marijuana: Proponents Vs. Opponents



In 1970, the U.S. Congress placed marijuana in Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act, because they considered it to have “no accepted medical use.” Since then, 23 out of 50 U.S. states, and DC, have legalized the medical use of marijuana.



• Alaska

• Arizona

• California

• Connecticut

• DC

• Delaware

• Hawaii

• Illinois

• Maine

• Maryland

• Massachusetts

• Michigan

• Minnesota

• Montana

• Nevada

• New Hampshire

• New Jersey

• New Mexico

• New York

• Oregon

• Rhode Island

• Vermont

• Washington



• Can help dull the pain of cancer, AIDS, MS, epilepsy, glaucoma, etc.



• Too dangerous to use

• Lacks FDA-approval

• Various legal drugs make marijuana use unnecessary

• Addictive

• Gateway drug (outlet to harder and more deadly drugs)

• Interferes with fertility

• Impairs driving ability

• Injures lungs, immune system, and brain

• Front for drug legalization and recreational use


The facts are listed, and clearly there are more cons than pros. Yet, 23 states legalized it, after it was deemed to have “no accepted medical use.” Matter of factly, all drugs mask your pain, but much like an “elephant in the room” it will always linger.

– Jessica Osborn



Fentanyl Overdoses



Fentanyl- Synthetic opiate painkiller that is much stronger than morphine or heroin.

*According to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, Fentanyl is 30-50 times more potent than heroin, 80-100 times more potent than morphine.*

A Maine resident thought he was “doing a safe dose of heroin”, much like the amount he abused daily, but this time was different…the drug had knocked him to his knees. Luckily, the man’s friend was there to save his life, treating him with Naloxone (an emergency antidote). Shortly thereafter, he checked himself into a rehab. The man had his suspicion, but once the toxicology reports came back, there was no doubt- the heroin was laced with Fentanyl.

U.S. officials warn, some drug dealers are lacing heroin with a dangerous variation of the anaesthetic drug. Within the last two years, according to drug agents, Mexican cartels have ramped up production of a variant called, Acetyl Fentanyl, in clandestine labs (They have been smuggling this version into the U.S.). The DEA says Acetyl Fentanyl is slightly less potent than Fentanyl, but “it is still quite powerful.” On the street, Acetyl Fentanyl’s price is slightly higher than heroin; However, two milligrams or less (the size of a few grains of salt), can kill.

Know the Facts:

•Only a few states added Acetyl Fentanyl to their list of banned substances, whereas the DEA added it to the federal list, just this year.

• 700 Fentanyl related deaths were reported, nationwide, from late 2013 – late 2014.

• Many states, as well as Canadian provinces, are reporting a sudden wildfire of overdoses

• Maine’s death toll jumped from 7 to 43, just one short year later

Maine Attorney General: “In July alone, we suspect that approximately one death a day in Maine, was due to a drug overdose of some sort.”

– Jessica Osborn

Resources: so director/2006/06/fentanyl-use-in-combination-s