Stats Rising In Indiana


In a recent survey, teens who use drugs, went from 27% to 38%, in a matter of 12 short months. 13.8% of the students surveyed, admitted using drugs and alcohol, in order to relax, and/or to “fit in” with their peers. 17% willingly admitted to using drugs/alcohol DURING school.


Matt Hayes, with the Hamilton Center in Sullivan County says, “We have a lot of our youth that are having problems with drugs in general.” He also added, “teens are easily finding new ways and new drugs to abuse.”


An Indiana State Police Trooper stated, “While they’re in your house, while they’re your teenagers, while they’re driving your cars, while they’re participating in activities in your home, then you need to make sure you’re vigilant on knowing what they’re doing.”


Ever since expanding to Indiana, under the management of our Steered Straight Indiana director, Michelle Standeford, we have made an exceptional impact on the students we had the privilege to help. As blessed as we are, to be steadily on the move, encouraging today’s youth to, “Stay in your lane,” we want to get that message out to EVERYONE!


Reading these statistics, really makes us feel as if God brought us to the right state, at the right time. Not just Indiana’s youth, but youth ALL OVER THE WORLD, should hear Steered Straight’s message!

– Jessica Osborn


If you are interested in Steered Straight Indiana coming to YOUR school SOON, please contact Michelle Standeford, at:


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