Where In The World Is Michael DeLeon?

IMG_20160531_131849“IT’S OFFICIAL…I’m moving to Rehoboth Beach!!”

Michael DeLeon just wrapped up ANOTHER busy week! He and Steered Straight’s speakers stayed close to home, as they travelled along the East Coast! Michael and the crew started in NY, and ended their week by the sea, in Delaware! The sun isn’t the only thing blinding eyes around there, because…the future’s so bright, we “gotta wear shades!”


On May 24th, Aly and Michael visited Paul J. Gelinas Junior High School!

Later on in the day, they headed back to the junior high school, in order to “teach” their stories with follow-up and curriculum!

A community night in East Setauket, NY, ended the night. There, Aly gave her insight, and Jackie Heinrich Williams shared her story:


On May 25th, there was another incredible community night turnout. (Franklin Township, NJ Community Senior Center):

The next day, Aly and Michael headed to Pine Hill Middle School, in order to discuss healthy life choices!

Steered Straight has the BEST elementary school student program! Head to http://www.steeredstraight.org, so you can invite us to your local school!

Michael and Crystal Vallee headed to Manchester Township Middle School, in NJ, on the the 27th!

Afterwards, Crystal and Michael stopped at Hazlet Middle School, for the “Transitions” program:

On the 28th, Kids Are Dying was presented at the performing arts center, inside the Roland E. Powell Convention Center. In addition, there was a presentation about the opiate and heroin epidemic. We were fortunate enough to have such great people in our presence, including: Brian Davis, Heidi McNeely, Chrissy Ehrhart, Robyn Kolnsberg-Brunetto, and Brad Hoffman and Ruthie Chavis (the two pictured). In spite of the beautiful weather, people joined us for this special, 4-hour long event! A heartfelt thank you goes out to Audrey Affrider, for sharing her compelling story.


Michael ended the week at Delaware Seashore State Park, in Rehoboth, DE. He met up with amazing mother, Karen Vied, in order for her to share her story for “On The Road…” Special thanks goes out to her for being so brave, sharing her incredibly honest story!

• Jessica Osborn, Steered Straight


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