Where In The World Is Michael DeLeon?

IMG_20160516_124157“It’s OFFICIAL….I’m moving to Boston!!!”

Michael DeLeon just wrapped up ANOTHER busy week! From starting the week in New Jersey, to ending it in Boston (who DOESN’T want to go where everybody knows your name, once in a while!?) the inspiration leader hit this week right out of the park!




Michael kicked off the week with Alyson Amour, at Hillsborough High school!


Later on that night, Michael discussed SOLUTIONS, at the Parent & Community Night event – SPECIAL thanks to Mary Tyson for helping make the night such a success!


On Wednesday, May 11th, Michael was still in NJ. Alongside John Fuqua, Michael spread the Steered Straight message on to students in South Plainfield!


After making an impact in the local schools, Michael wrapped up yet another Road To Recovery taping! There, he sat down with Michele Goodwin, Lakehaven Recovery’s clinical therapist


The day ended with an extraordinary opportunity! Michael sat with wife, Darla, asking important questions…on Anderson Cooper’s special, Prescription Addiction, on CNN live!



On May 13th, Michael headed to Manalapan, NJ, with Steered Straight speaker, Crystal Vallee!


Meanwhile, Aly Amour and John Fuqua were sharing their inspirational stories at Dwight Morrow High School, in Englewood, NJ!


Michael with Sanjay Gupta and Sarah Anker


Dr. Drew Pinksy


Jessica Osborn, Steered Straight



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