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My brain is corrupted from all of the pharma ads nowadays….hey, do you think there’s a pill for that?

We see them on TV, in newspapers, and we even hear them on the radio. Advertising drugs has become so redundant, they even started to pop up on my computer, when I was doing research for this blog- ironic, right? I think not. That is exactly what “Big Pharma” wants. Ultimately, “they” will want us to succumb to the nagging pop-ups on our computers, and the lists of ailments on the TV…waiting for us to become complete brainwashed zombies.

On, you see their statement they publicised: “It’s (DTC) a disgusting, dishonorable way to generate sales- BUT IT WORKS. In 2008, the House Commerce Committee found that every $1,000 spent on drug ads produces 24 new patients. A 2003 research report found that prescription rates for drugs promoted with DTC ads were nearly 7 times greater than those without such promotions. Ethics aside, these consumer hustles have proven to be profit bonanzas.”

• 42% of survey respondents agreed strongly or somewhat agreed that DTC ads make it seem as though the drug will work for everyone

• More than 27% of respondents in the first survey and 18% in the second who had seen a doctor in the last 3 months said that an advertisement prompted them to bring up an illness or medical condition that they never mentioned to a doctor before

The American Medical Association started to push for a ban on TV drug ads, back in November of 2015, with their board chair-elect (Patrice A. Harris) saying: “Direct to consumer advertising also inflates demand for new and more expensive drugs even when these drugs may not be appropriate.”

Do pills really cure EVERYTHING??

– Jessica Osborn

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Steered Straight Statistics


Have you ever wondered how effective Steered Straight’s mission is? After reading the comparisons to national drug prevention program’s, in general, to Steered Straight, you’ll wonder why more school’s aren’t lining up for a presentation from Steered Straight.

Nationally, in 2012, 75% of young adults, reported having a prevention program attend their school. With that being said, these young adults (aged 12-17), had the option to attend, and of the reported students, only 11.9% attended the presentation.

In 2014, 47.8% of young adults (12-17), reported it being extremely easy to obtain marijuana- stating, “all we’d have to do is ask around.” Of those reporting, 9.4% claimed it being easy to get heroin, 11.6% could easily obtain LSD, and 14.4% claimed it being easy to obtain cocaine.

*Compared to teenagers who have 5-7 family dinners a week; those who have fewer than 3 per week, are twice as likely to say they expect to try using drugs. (17% vs. 8%)*

Students Surveyed involving Steered Straight:

• 8 In 10 students talked about the presentation after the presentation with their parents

• 5 in 10 discussed seminar topics with teachers/staff

• More than 90% of students reported a more negative view of drugs, alcohol, and gangs than before presentation

• 3 in 10 claimed they’d report a bullying incident before the presentation, and 7 in 10 claimed they’d report a bullying incident after the presentation

– Jessica Osborn

For detailed national drug prevention program statistics, visit:


“Where In The World Is MICHAEL DELEON”

               This week I’ve been up and down and all around Florida!

     In Pembroke Pine, FL. I had the pleasure of attending RIR Love of Recovery event, Awesome and inspiring. Hung out with my boy Randy Grimes … Love that guy!  Then I Headed down south to Ft. Lauderdale to meet with some very influential people. We’re about to introduce our curriculum!!!  Big things are in the works for Steered Straight!



Then I got a little R&R since I was forced by friends to take a day of down time… #Addicted to Hard Rock Cafe





“Family Affair” our 4th film is in the editing room and “Higher Power” (3rd) film is in the final steps of post production. We still need support to get this film and its powerful message out! We are working on some awesome fundraising events coming up in the 6-8 weeks. Please check out (and share) our “Go Fund Me page” to help us keep this movie off the shelf.

Higher Power 1


Meanwhile in New Jersey,


Our awesome team and talented speakers have pounded the state, teaching our stories and making a difference, reaching over 6,000 in less than a week!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to these amazing and talented speakers!

#Ally Amour, #John, Fugua, #Jenna Bonstein, #Colin Obren, #Monica Dilio, #Darla DeLeon, and #Steve Forte.

        “Day two at Vineland High School with John Fuqua. Great feedback from the freshman students and teachers about yesterday’s presentations!! Time to talk to the sophomores!” #Allysteeredstraight





    I am heading to Ohio this coming week, with a pitstop in Los Angeles, CA for the Experience, Strength and Hope Award going to, my friend and devoted advocate, Mackenzie Phillips.  Only gonna be in “Cali” for the day then I’m headed right back down to south east – sunny, southern Florida to work on Steered Straight’s Florida expansion.
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    We’ve got some terrific events coming up! Come out and support Steered Straight and our mission.

Upcoming events:


#Boone County, Community Assembly
Wed, February 24, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Where Whitestown Metropolitan Police Department

#Owen Valley Parent/Community Assembly
Thursday, February 25, 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Where: Owen Valley Middle School, 626 IN-46, Spencer, IN 47460, United States

FREE Musical festival #The Mill Top Banquet Center, Fishers, IN
Steered Straight will have a booth and Michael Deleon will be speaking. Come out and enjoy incredible music! (check out my Facebook page or message me for details)

New Jersey:

The Brownstone Keynote Speaker:  Michael DeLeon
Fri, February 19, 7pm – 11pm
#Night for Nick


Michael DeLeon w/ former NFL linebacker Keith McCants bringing H.O.P.E to Ohio

Wednesday 2/17 Warren, Ohio

Thursday 2/18  Columbus, Ohio

(this event is open to the public please contact: Marie Guma 0305 498 0849 for details)  Leo’s Ristorante 7042 E. Market Street Warren Ohio.



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Pregnant and Addicted


It is the most common misconception: seeing a pregnant woman smoking, you think, “How “trashy” is that? A pregnant girl who smokes cigarettes obviously shouldn’t have that baby- nor does she deserve him or her.”

Even though it may seem too juvenile, and unfathomable that smoking could be considered an addiction, IT IS. Statistically proven, pregnant smokers actually CAN NOT quit THAT easily; do you know why? Just like any addiction, large or small, an addiction is still an addiction none the less- and addiction has no age limit. Whether the fetus barely has 6 of his or her fingers yet, it still has enough of its brain formed. A pregnant woman could already have had an addiction issue with cigarettes, pre-baby, but it worsened, WITH baby…because the unborn child already began craving it; which, is essentially no different than when you wake up your husband at 3 o’clock in the morning, for pickles and ice cream. Granted, there ARE options for a pregnant woman addicted to nicotine, and if you are one of them, who wants to quit, reach out to your OB.

Read The Dangers:

Smoking- Stillbirth, infant mortality, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), preterm birth, respiratory problems, slowed fetal growth, and low birth weight.

Alcohol Consumption- Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, characterized by low birth weight, and enduring cognitive and behavioral problems.

Heroin- Abruptio placentae, fetal death, preterm labor, and intrauterine passage of meconium.

Some drugs, including opioids, can cause: A withdrawal syndrome in newborns, called Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS). babies with NAS are at a greater risk of seizures, respiratory problems, feeding difficulties, low birth weight, and even DEATH.

NO medications have been FDA approved to treat a dependency of opioids in pregnant women; However, research shows Buprenorphine lowers the rate of infant withdrawal symptoms. Also, research has shown, that Methadone maintenance combined with prenatal care, and a comprehensive treatment, has been just as effective for many. ALWAYS remember: Closely monitor the pregnant women, and provide treatment as needed.


11.6% of pregnant women (aged 15-44) used alcohol, 17.3% used tobacco, 6.1% used prescription medications, and 4.3% used illicit drugs.

-Jessica Osborn


“It’s official, Im moving to New Hampshire”



SOLUTIONS in Dover this week:  We made the news, check it out:  (click the article for link)   We had a prominent panel of experts from all aspects of the community delving into solutions for New Hampshire,this past Wednesday evening at St. John’s United Methodist Church in Dover.  It was a frank discussion about solutions to the opiate epidemic in New Hampshire.

A conflict of events with the ongoing campaigning and debates in the region somewhat influenced our turnout;  However it is quality not quantity thats important and we had an amazing group of speakers and guests in attendance that made this town hall an event that inspired action.

*A special thanks to Larry Holman and St. John’s United Methodist Church as well as Kerry Norton, Kevin Meara, Carrie Conway, State Rep. Joe Hannon, Tom Velardi, Dr. John Schermerhorn and the Incredible people that helped me put this forum together.

 After hosting our own town hall I hit the streets of New Hampshire with my good friend Kevin Meara founder of City of Angels-NJ and former Councilman of Hamilton Township, NJ.

Snow or shine we tracked the candidates from one side of the state to the other.  I had an opportunity to speak with New Jersey governor Chris Christie, Texas senator Ted Cruz and Ohio governor John Kasich. Focusing on two related issues our country faces within our mission.  I summoned the candidates positions on:  Federally mandated prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) and The removal of direct to consumer marketing of pharmaceuticals on television.

New Jersey governor Chris Christie stated that he would not mandate providers to register with the PDMP but would strongly urge their participation. Regarding pharmaceuticals he indicated his distaste as well as his concern of the danger they pose however did not state that he would remove them.

Governor Ted Cruz stated he was against removing direct to consumer based marketing from television suggesting his decision would be based upon the premise of upholding The 1st amendment and ideally would set out to delegate PDMP to state level enforcement. Governor Cruz suggested his “solution” to the heroin epidemic would be stronger border controls – A wall perhaps?   His standings on the issues came off particularly ironic since within the same conversation he chose to share a story of his personal loss of a family member to drug overdose.  We made the news, check it out

Ohio governor John Kasich stated quite frankly that he would support MANDATORY federal regulated PDMP as well as the removal of ALL direct to consumer marketing from television.

 A few things from this week from Steered Straight

 Sadly we lost a member of our Steered Straight family last week. Larger than life, an extremely passionate young man, Troy Fields;  Son of Michelle Cooney-Standeford, our Indiana director.  Troy was a great husband, father, son and friend and he will be sorely missed by all.

We are growing.  Steered Straight is excited to announce our expansion into the Southwest.  Our Mesa, Arizona office will be opening in the late spring of 2016 and will be fully operational and ready to go by the opening of the school year in the fall.  Our Arizona team will be lead by Angie Geren and Bill Gates.


Be sure to check out our new and improved website that will be launched on Monday February 8, 2016.

Thanks for your support!!!


Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs


Prescription Drug Monitoring (PDMP)- Highly effective tools utilized by government officials for reducing prescription drug abuse and diversion. PDMPs collect, monitor, and analyze electronically transmitted prescribing and dispensing data submitted by pharmacies and dispensing practitioners.

72% of primary care physicians are aware of their state’s program, but only 53% of them use it, and only 25% of the states mandate them. In July 2013, 13 states required subscribers to register, and 16 states were mandated to use it the program in specified circumstances.

In Florida, their electronic programming is mainly known as, “E-FORCSE.” Florida has the most dramatic decrease in drug overdose deaths, and “E-FORCSE” has the same objective as the other states who use PDMP: To encourage safer prescribing of controlled substances, and to reduce drug abuse and diversion.

Kentucky, Ohio, New York, and Tennessee are all documented as “mandatory” states, for PDMP. NJ has reported that since using PDMP, to cite every controlled substance given out, reports of “pill mills” and “doctor jumping” has gone down significantly. More astonishingly, Missouri is the ONLY state who has not jumped on board with PDMP. Why aren’t more states mandated to report any and all prescriptions? Why aren’t there stricter laws in effect, when it comes to something as serious as PDMPs?

-Jessica Osborn