Where In The World Is Michael DeLeon?


“It’s OFFICIAL…I’m moving to Clinton County, PA!!!!”

Michael DeLeon is at it again, spreading Steered Straight’s powerful message! Starting out in Clinton County, PA with the eager Aly (Steered Straight speaker), to ending the week with a packed high school gymnasium…let’s see what the busy inspirational leader has been up to all week!

Starting out with Monday, April 18th, Michael and Aly didn’t waste time when it came to the cardinal rule: “you gotta have a java!!” Of course they sat down at the best coffee shop, Avenue 209, to prepare for their busy, five-presentation-day!


Still in Lock Haven, PA, Michael and Aly head to the local radio station. There, they discussed the up-and-coming Pennsylvania expansion!


Following, they head to Clinton County Correctional Facility. Aly and Michael heard how the inmates there have recently lost sight of their dreams, straying “out of their lane.” Michael and Aly brought the Steered Straight message to them, as it was evident their motivation was in dire need. Michael addressed the importantce of facing addiction in jail, saying “We need to get to the point…we don’t need to keep expanding or building new jails. LET’S CLOSE SOME!”


Later in the evening, Michael and Aly head to the Clinton County Court House. In the court house, they shared their stories, spreading HOPE and INSPIRATION, to the entire community!


Ending the night, Michael escorted wife, Darla, to The Beacon Theater. There, they celebrated LIFE, with some of their favorite people on “The Bible Tour 2016!”


On April 19th, “busy bee” Michael DeLeon, finally had a chance to sit down! Frank Greenagel, of Frank Greenagel Counseling Services, LLC., was the latest guest on “Road To Recovery.”


A long, busy (but definitely worth it) week came to a close on April 21st. In Keyport, NJ, Crystal Ann (speaker for Steered Straight) and Michael visited the local middle and high schools. Michael stressed to the 4th and 5th graders, that bullying is NEVER acceptable. At Keyport High School, Michael and Crystal Ann shared their stories – to students living in a county where the drug overdose rate is FOUR TIMES the national average (Monmouth County).



Ending the night, Michael, Aly, and Christine went back to Keyport High’s gymnasium! Parents and the community came out in order to hear solutions to keep their children away from alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana. As the parents found out that night: Keeping adolescents away from drinking, and smoking marijuana/tobacco, reduces illicit drug use as a young adult.



– Jessica Osborn



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