Pharma Ads


My brain is corrupted from all of the pharma ads nowadays….hey, do you think there’s a pill for that?

We see them on TV, in newspapers, and we even hear them on the radio. Advertising drugs has become so redundant, they even started to pop up on my computer, when I was doing research for this blog- ironic, right? I think not. That is exactly what “Big Pharma” wants. Ultimately, “they” will want us to succumb to the nagging pop-ups on our computers, and the lists of ailments on the TV…waiting for us to become complete brainwashed zombies.

On, you see their statement they publicised: “It’s (DTC) a disgusting, dishonorable way to generate sales- BUT IT WORKS. In 2008, the House Commerce Committee found that every $1,000 spent on drug ads produces 24 new patients. A 2003 research report found that prescription rates for drugs promoted with DTC ads were nearly 7 times greater than those without such promotions. Ethics aside, these consumer hustles have proven to be profit bonanzas.”

• 42% of survey respondents agreed strongly or somewhat agreed that DTC ads make it seem as though the drug will work for everyone

• More than 27% of respondents in the first survey and 18% in the second who had seen a doctor in the last 3 months said that an advertisement prompted them to bring up an illness or medical condition that they never mentioned to a doctor before

The American Medical Association started to push for a ban on TV drug ads, back in November of 2015, with their board chair-elect (Patrice A. Harris) saying: “Direct to consumer advertising also inflates demand for new and more expensive drugs even when these drugs may not be appropriate.”

Do pills really cure EVERYTHING??

– Jessica Osborn

For more information, visit these two websites:



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