Steered Straight Statistics


Have you ever wondered how effective Steered Straight’s mission is? After reading the comparisons to national drug prevention program’s, in general, to Steered Straight, you’ll wonder why more school’s aren’t lining up for a presentation from Steered Straight.

Nationally, in 2012, 75% of young adults, reported having a prevention program attend their school. With that being said, these young adults (aged 12-17), had the option to attend, and of the reported students, only 11.9% attended the presentation.

In 2014, 47.8% of young adults (12-17), reported it being extremely easy to obtain marijuana- stating, “all we’d have to do is ask around.” Of those reporting, 9.4% claimed it being easy to get heroin, 11.6% could easily obtain LSD, and 14.4% claimed it being easy to obtain cocaine.

*Compared to teenagers who have 5-7 family dinners a week; those who have fewer than 3 per week, are twice as likely to say they expect to try using drugs. (17% vs. 8%)*

Students Surveyed involving Steered Straight:

• 8 In 10 students talked about the presentation after the presentation with their parents

• 5 in 10 discussed seminar topics with teachers/staff

• More than 90% of students reported a more negative view of drugs, alcohol, and gangs than before presentation

• 3 in 10 claimed they’d report a bullying incident before the presentation, and 7 in 10 claimed they’d report a bullying incident after the presentation

– Jessica Osborn

For detailed national drug prevention program statistics, visit:



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