“Where In The World Is MICHAEL DELEON”

               This week I’ve been up and down and all around Florida!

     In Pembroke Pine, FL. I had the pleasure of attending RIR Love of Recovery event, Awesome and inspiring. Hung out with my boy Randy Grimes … Love that guy!  Then I Headed down south to Ft. Lauderdale to meet with some very influential people. We’re about to introduce our curriculum!!!  Big things are in the works for Steered Straight!



Then I got a little R&R since I was forced by friends to take a day of down time… #Addicted to Hard Rock Cafe





“Family Affair” our 4th film is in the editing room and “Higher Power” (3rd) film is in the final steps of post production. We still need support to get this film and its powerful message out! We are working on some awesome fundraising events coming up in the 6-8 weeks. Please check out (and share) our “Go Fund Me page” to help us keep this movie off the shelf.

Higher Power 1


Meanwhile in New Jersey,


Our awesome team and talented speakers have pounded the state, teaching our stories and making a difference, reaching over 6,000 in less than a week!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to these amazing and talented speakers!

#Ally Amour, #John, Fugua, #Jenna Bonstein, #Colin Obren, #Monica Dilio, #Darla DeLeon, and #Steve Forte.

        “Day two at Vineland High School with John Fuqua. Great feedback from the freshman students and teachers about yesterday’s presentations!! Time to talk to the sophomores!” #Allysteeredstraight





    I am heading to Ohio this coming week, with a pitstop in Los Angeles, CA for the Experience, Strength and Hope Award going to, my friend and devoted advocate, Mackenzie Phillips.  Only gonna be in “Cali” for the day then I’m headed right back down to south east – sunny, southern Florida to work on Steered Straight’s Florida expansion.
#willbeinneedofahomecookedmeal #ontheroadagain #itsallaboutthemission #steeredstraight

    We’ve got some terrific events coming up! Come out and support Steered Straight and our mission.

Upcoming events:


#Boone County, Community Assembly
Wed, February 24, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Where Whitestown Metropolitan Police Department

#Owen Valley Parent/Community Assembly
Thursday, February 25, 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Where: Owen Valley Middle School, 626 IN-46, Spencer, IN 47460, United States

FREE Musical festival #The Mill Top Banquet Center, Fishers, IN
Steered Straight will have a booth and Michael Deleon will be speaking. Come out and enjoy incredible music! (check out my Facebook page or message me for details)

New Jersey:

The Brownstone Keynote Speaker:  Michael DeLeon
Fri, February 19, 7pm – 11pm
#Night for Nick


Michael DeLeon w/ former NFL linebacker Keith McCants bringing H.O.P.E to Ohio

Wednesday 2/17 Warren, Ohio

Thursday 2/18  Columbus, Ohio

(this event is open to the public please contact: Marie Guma 0305 498 0849 for details)  Leo’s Ristorante 7042 E. Market Street Warren Ohio.



#MackenziePhillips #ExperienceStrength and Hope Award, #SteeredStraightloridaexpansion, #STEERED STRAIGHT FLORIDA, #STEERED STRAIGHTINDIANA, #STEEREDSTRAIGHTNEWJERSEY









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